The Haikstep Military City contract, a turnkey design and construction project, was awarded to our company in
February 1984. The project site was laid out in an L-shape design covering an area in excess of 44 millions m2 and
divided into 29 self-sufficient sectors.

Over 1 million m2 of buildings were built to occupy this land and access to all the sectors was provided by more then 2
million m2 of roads and parking areas.

The city is completely self-sufficient with regards to water supply thanks to a treatment plant situated 26km to the west
of the site on the east bank of the Ismaelia Canal. Over 60,00m3 of water is  fed to  the site per  day,  passing through
D.C.I  pipelines (over 385 km of pipelines with more than 400 valve chambers situated along the route) and seven pump
stations and terminating in elevated water storage towers. The water is delivered to the sectors through gravity fed lines.
Sewage is carried along 237 km of gravity fed
lines which discharge into 12 pumping stations and
from there 88 kms of forced mains traverse the
sectors. All  lines end  at  the sewage treatment
plant which is  capable of processing the waste
from over 150,000 residents (roughly 42,000 m3
of effluent per day) This effluent is recycled and
reprocessed and then used to provide water for

Electrical power for the project comes from the
national grid via 66 kms of 66 kV overhead
transmission lines that feed directly into the power
station at the site. The 11 kV power from the
station passes through 67 transformer substations
and is finally converted into 380 V three phase
power supplied to the buildings. The 1000 kms of
feed cables, 5 switching stations, and 10,000 light
columns are all integral parts of the network.
Haikstep involved the construction of 890  floors  
of barrack buildings, 1098 tank and training sheds,
32 divisional headquarters, 51 sub-divisional
headquarters,    125   classrooms,    119
guardhouses, 142 storerooms, 109 canteens, 445
magazine stores, 16 officers' messes, 5 kitchens
and messes to seat 2000 personnel, 41 kitchens,
12 various sized mosques, 58 soldiers'  messes,
15 workshops,  17 large storerooms, 2
gymnasiums, 6 post offices, 84 residential buildings
with 2016 apartments, 3 cinemas, 3 schools, 4
kindergartens, 3 Olympic size swimming pools, 4
fuel stations, bakeries,  laundry facilities,  2
shopping complexes, a department store, a clinic,
telephone exchange stores,  a prison, an officers
club, a sports stadium and a club for non-
commissioned officers. In  all, over 3000  
individual buildings, Haikstep was an epic contract
with scope and breadth worthy of its own
brochure in order to fully appreciate the
achievement it represented.
Having established a standard of excellence for the
construction of large sites like this it was no surprise
that we were awarded another contract to work with
the military in building a further township. So in
December of 1989 we began the construction of yet
another site, except that in this case the scope of our
work was limited to the actual buildings, with no
involvement in the infrastructure.

The actual building of the site involved the construction  
of 497  floors  of barrack buildings, 659 tank and
training sheds, 4 divisional headquarters, 40
sub-divisional headquarters,    85    classrooms,   64
guardhouses, 104 storerooms, 46 canteens, 275
magazine stores, 9 officers messes, 6 kitchens and
messes to seat 2000 personnel, 10 kitchens, 12 various
sized mosques, 29 soldiers messes, 4 post offices, 84
residential buildings with 2016 apartments, 3 cinemas,
3 schools, 4 kindergartens, 3 Olympic size swimming
pools, 2 fuel stations, bakeries, laundry facilities, 2
shopping complexes, a department store, a clinic,
telephones, an exchange store, a prison, an officers
club and a sports stadium, an ice making factory, and a
club for non-commissioned officers, in total 1800
individual buildings on a site of over 21 million.
Whenever two projects of such size are accomplished they
immediately become a part of any company's history. In our
case we consider these contracts as important in our history
not only because of their impressiveness but because they
created a solid foundation from which we have expanded our
reputation as a first rate company.

In the past our company has done many specialized
contracts. Included here  are some of the foremost of these

The construction of the Akhbar el Youm was one of these
special projects.  This seven storey building houses the
printing presses and ancillary machinery on the ground floor
with six stories of airconditioned administrative offices above.

Another of these projects was the Galaa theater project.  
This   air conditioned building contains seats for  over  one
thousand and is also fully equipped with stage, lighting,
audiovisual equipment as well as cinematography capacities.
It also included simultaneous translation facilities. Our
contract on this job included the external landscaping and
parking facilities.

Ayoubco also constructed  a 6000m2 steel framed timber
factory, the BICC cables factory, as  well  as over 1000
pre-engineered steel buildings during the construction of the
Haikstep township. In addition to the projects already
outlined Ayoubco has built various structures including
mosques, prisons, department stores, laundries, kitchens,
schools, and hospitals. Ayoubco clearly then has established
a name for itself in the construction of these facilities.
Special Projects