Engineer Ayoub Adly Ayoub      Chairman
"Ayoub" has been a trusted name in the building and construction industry since 1941, when engineer Adly Ayoub
started his company in the field of reinforced concrete. Engineer Adly Ayoub was a pioneer in this sector and held the
position of Chairman for Speco Co., which was credited with using the most advanced techniques available to obtain
the best project results.

Engineer Ayoub Adly Ayoub, the eldest son of Engineer Adly Ayoub, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in
1974. In 1976 he established an Egyptian-Swiss joint venture company which was granted the construction contract
for the Ramsis Hilton Hotel. At that time the Hilton hotel was to be the tallest building in Cairo and despite this
impressive first, using the most advanced construction techniques, the company completed the project in a period of 36

After completion of the Ramses Hilton, Engineer Ayoub started several independent projects. In 1981 he changed the
name of the company to Ayoubco S.A.E. During the same period the company was granted several contracts for the
construction of residential towers, bridges, airports, roads, sewage disposal, water networks, and telecommunication
services. In addition to the infrastructure and residential projects, Ayoubco started building military townships and
tourist-related projects.

Since then Ayoubco has become one of the largest contracting companies in Egypt.

The current management at Ayoubco has been with the company for many years, and is dedicated to the continued
success of the company.

Currently, Ayoubco trades as
contractor to Remco and the Egyptian Armed Forces in Egypt.
Company History