The first residential building contract was secured by
Engineer Ayoub in 1979. It was a 36 floor building, on an
area of 3,400 m2, located in Zamalek. This building
currently houses the Ayoubco head office in Egypt. The
contract was valued at 10 million LE. The building was
raised at the rate of a floor per week. This project was the
stepping stone for some of the larger projects undertaken
by Ayoubco in later years.

The company was awarded the Maadi Gem project in
1980. This project was a 38 storey building consisting of
triple linked towers, housing 324 apartments, a commercial
center, and garages, on an area of 5,600 m2 with a total
value of 15 million LE.

The Agha Khan project was similar to the Maadi Gem
project. It stood poised over a most scenic view of the
Nile, and had a total value of 14 million LE.
Zamalek Tower
Maadi Gem
Gisr El Suez
Following these initial successes in 1982 the Ministry of Defense gave the company new contracts for the
construction of 23 residential buildings. Each consisted of 13 stories and housed 1,200 apartments. The project was
Tawfik city and was located in Nasr city, allowing the company to prove its ability to create first grade civil
engineering works such as roadworks, external paving, sewage disposal and water services. The total value of the
project was 21 millions L.E.
Later in the same year, the company was
awarded several more contracts which
included the construction of phases one of
Obour, El Shorta Towers, Al-Salam
Towers, and the first phase of Moustafa
Kamel. All these projects were high-rise
residential buildings and included all
infrastructure and external services. The
total value of these projects was 47 million

More residential and tower projects quickly
followed. In 1983 the company was
awarded phase two of Moustafa Kamel, the
Gisr El Suez project, and in1984 the Abou
Keer project for a combined value of 36
million LE.
Maadi Star
In 1985 the company undertook the Rabaa El Adawia project, which
was considered one of the largest residential projects of its time. It
consisted of 80 buildings, each of 10 stories, with a total value of 104
million LE. The same year, the company was awarded the Zeitoon
project, phase two of Obour, and the Maadi Star project, for a total
value of 76 million LE.
Obour 2
Between 1986 and 1989 the company was awarded residential and tower
projects for a total value of 129 million LE. Among these projects were the
Ard El Golf ,  Ard El Golf extension, the Manial Tower which was a 40
storey building with super deluxe finishings, Moustafa Kamel phase 3 and 4,
Cairo 2000, and Sabaa.

In 1994 Ayoubco undertook the Doha Maspiro residential tower next to the
Ramses Hilton Hotel with a total value of 23 million LE.
Rabaa El Adawia
In 1997 Ayoubco undertook the "Stella di Mare" project phases 1 and
2 at a value of 180 million LE. This project consisted in the construction
of a resort covering an area of almost two million m2. Situated on the
Gulf of Suez, this resort complex includes 650 units (excursion villas,
chalets, apartments and semi-attached villas) an entertainment center, a
full sports facility, and a health and beauty center. In addition to an
artificially constructed lagoon the custom landscaping includes palm trees
and special plants all designed to enhance the already beautiful vista.
Stella di Mare
Stella di Mare
The company is currently engaged on a further touristic project located in Zaafarana, the Stella Sea View. This project
has 1400 chalets and villas and is valued at 120 million LE. The company is also constructing the Khatatba Country
Club, which has 700 villas and is valued at 100 million LE.
Another project is under construction in Hurghada, called Orient Tours village, it will cover a total area of 500,000 m2,
including 350 units (excursion villas and apartments) an entertainment center, a full sports facility, and a health and
beauty center.
The construction of residential buildings and towers will
undoubtedly remain a major component of Ayoubco's future
expansions plans
Residential Buildings